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Filing of statutory documents

Posted on 31 Aug 2010
Please find below an extract of a notice from the Registrar of Companies in respect of the filing of statutory documents with the Registrar effective as from 6 August 2010 for your attention.

“In case a document does not comply with the Act or contains errors, it will be rejected and should be collected for amendments.

When documents are re-submitted fees will be charged in accordance with the Companies (Re-submission of document) Regulations (GN 161 of 2010) as follows:

- Submission of amended document:-

a)    within 7 days of collection Rs 100;
b)    after 7 days Rs 50 per month or part of a month.”

In that respect, thank you for ensuring that the correct information or duly filled in and signed forms including Financial Statements with all the necessary detailed information (as per IAS/IFRS) have been forwarded to us within the prescribed delay.

Please note that filing of statutory documents is free of charge but in case of non-compliance, Executive Services Limited would not be responsible for the penalty charged by the Registrar of Companies and/or the Court.